Friday, January 11, 2013

January 10th - Happy Birthday to Me!

So, today was my 66th birthday - getting mighty old here!   I enjoyed the greetings from friends and family.  I must have had 40 birthday greetings on Facebook.  I got an adorable eCard from Joyce in Sweden and that started my day with a smile.  Later in the day, I talked to MA on the phone.  It was so fun to get caught up a little.  Connie sent me a nice message on FB.  I got a card from the Relief Society.  One of the sisters I visit teach also gave me a nice card from her and her husband.  He said it took an hour to pick it out - he had trouble finding any that were "clean" enough to give me!  Ha! 

I started the day with water aerobics, came home and showered and got cleaned up.  Then for lunch I met up with Lisa, Vanett, and kids, at the Red Lobster.  We had a nice time.  They are all leaving Saturday for Disney World for a week. 

I spent the afternoon working on family history.  I am finding a lot of new stuff and getting my files updated.  I sent out another email response and heard back from him later.  Connecting with distant relations is one of the many fun things about family history.

This evening we had a Relief Society meeting.  It was a relaxed evening just helping the sisters get to know each other better.  We had 21 there, which is good for our ward, and I think they had a fun time.  We just had a couple of mixer games which required everyone to talk to everyone else and then some light refreshments.  The rest of the time, they just socialized.  There were several who really enjoyed getting to know other names.  One sister, for instance, has been in the ward for three years, but knows very few names to go with faces.  She really enjoyed it.  I think everyone did.

So, nothing big, but a very nice birthday.  At this point in life, birthdays don't really mean much.  I suppose when one turns 80, it becomes a big deal again!!

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