Friday, January 18, 2013

January 17th - Take Care of Bill Day

First thing this morning was to take Bill to the clinic for him to get his colonoscopy and endoscopy done.  They were just routine and we were glad that the results were just routine, too.  They removed three polyps, but they were not the worrisome kind.  He has inflammation in esophogus and stomach, but there is no ulcer anymore.  Everything looks fine, but they will send the lab reports in a week or so to confirm all that.

When we got home and got him in to bed to sleep of the meds, I made a quick run to the grocery store to pick up stuff to make some refreshments for this evening.  We were scheduled to have book group here, but they called in the afternoon and rescheduled it for next Thursday.

It seems our weather is of some concern.  It has been raining buckets all day and the forecast is for the possibility of some freezing and snow this evening.  I don't believe it, but they wanted to be safe.  We are like on the edge of any possible freezing precipitation, which means we will get it only if the storm shifts slightly in our direction.  However, if even one computer model says there is the possibility of any freezing precipitation, they go crazy around here.  Some school districts even scheduled late starting hours - "just in case."  Drives me nuts!

[UPDATE:  Nothing happened with the weather.  Well, maybe a little frost.]

I spent the rest of my day working on family history and then took a nap.  With the darkness and the rain, it was all I could do! 

In the evening, the missionaries called and said they had someone who wanted a blessing, but they needed a place to meet them and wanted to know if they could come here.  Bill was fine by evening, so we said that would be OK.  It was a young single woman who needed a blessing for help in dealing with some difficulties in her life.  The young man who came with her was someone we knew from a few years ago.  It turned into a very nice evening getting caught up on what his family is doing now, etc.  The blessing given by the missionary was very thoughtful and hopefully helped to provide the comfort she needed.

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