Saturday, January 26, 2013

January 25th - Ashby and Brooks Came By!

With the threat of ice in the mountains, Bill decided not to go on the job he had scheduled up there.  Therefore, he was around all day, which made it a day unlike the one I had originally planned!  We ran the car over to the garage first thing - the heater blower suddenly quit working unless it was all the way on high.  With cold weather, we don't want to let that go!!

While he fiddled around and took a nap, I got my RS email finished and sent, a couple of talks added to the RS Conference Blog, and a few other odds and ends.

Around noon, Lisa and the kids came over.  Her mother-in-law has to go home this afternoon and Lisa was driving her to the airport.  However, it was right during Brooks' nap time, so she brought the kids here instead of taking them.  And we had a great time!  They were so excited that Grandpa was here, too!  While Brooks napped, Ashby had his undivided attention.  They played with Lincoln logs and read books and who knows what else.

When Brooks woke up, the first thing he said was "play cars."  So he and Grandpa played cars for a long time.  Eventually, he also had the Thomas the Train out and played with that for a long time.  I am still amazed that he loves Thomas so much.  He has a mountain of Thomas trains and tracks at home and plays with them all the time, yet that is one of his favorite things here, too. 

When Lisa got back, she and Bill went to pick up the car (thankfully, it was something rather minor!)  He picked up a pizza and sides on the way home, so they ate with us.  David has strep, so an afternoon of sleeping was the best thing for him. 

With all their energy, they got into running around the house and had so much fun.  They chased each other, playing duck, duck, goose.  The went back and forth across the  living room doing various ballet leaps, etc.  The ran and leaped into my lap over and over.  They are both balls of energy!  And so fun and funny!

The evening seemed rather quiet when they finally left - and I was very tired!  I went in to read early. 

What a fun day!

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