Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January 1st - Happy New Year!

We have had a wonderful first day of the new year.  I wish that meant that all the days following would be just as wonderful!

Lisa and family came over around noon to have lunch and spend the afternoon.  I decided to go really easy - so we had hoagie sandwiches, jello salad, chips, dips, fruit, buffalo wings, and of course, black-eyed peas.  It was just set up buffet style and everyone just ate when they wanted - and as often as they wanted!  Lisa brought a great hot dip that fit right in.  Later we had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

The TV was on football all afternoon, the children played, Brooks took a long nap, everyone else managed to get at least a little snooze or rest in, Lisa and I got to read, and it was all so fun and relaxed.

The only problem of the day was that my keyboard won't come up on the computer.  When it boots, I get a message that says "keyboard failure."  I will have to spend more time trying to figure it out or call someone for help.  I can use the mouse, and the computer comes up otherwise, but I can't type anything!  Fortunately, I have the notebook, which is what I am writing on now.  I love the notebook, but the keyboard is not quite as easy to use, so there are more errors!

Here is hoping that all my problems of this new year are no bigger than this one! 

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