Thursday, January 10, 2013

January 9th - Got More Done - But Not as Much Fun!

I took the time to work on my list of things to do today, rather than spending the whole day on family history.  It wasn't as much fun, but I did get a lot done.  Besides the expected house stuff, I actually cooked dinner.  I still had the ham bone left from Christmas, so I cooked that up today, then added some 16 bean soup mix, and at the last minute some instant rice.  It was really good.  Surprise, surprise!  I don't usually cook much, except for Sundays, of course.

I also added a couple of talks to the RS conference blog, got the 31 party stuff worked out and an invite posted on FB.  I even have already had a couple of responses.  I hope there are enough who can come to give Lisa a good chance to practice doing a party.  I worked quite a while on my RS weekend email, especially on the preparedness part.  I still have a little more to do to get it finished. 

Eventually, I felt like I had been "good" long enough and I went back to family history.  The woman I had responded to about the Hutchins sent back an email and I am really confused.  I had said that I had names of people that I thought were the parents of Littleberry, but that I had no documentation and have been unable to find anything to prove the information.  Her response was that they were definitely the parents, because her grandmother remembered the "Hutchings" men worked on the Panama Canal during the depression.?????  What does that have to do with someone born in 1807?  And how does "Grandma's memory" prove anything?  I think I will ignore that one for a while.

I spent most of my working time on the Smith's, in response to another email.  I need to update everything before I send out the pedigree and family group sheets.  I had a good time looking this stuff up.  One thing about genealogy - you are never finished!

Bill came home feeling really bad - that cold or flu or whatever has come back.  He ate and then went to bed.  I finished up some things and watched a little bit of Downton Abbey before hitting the bed to read myself.  I do believe we are getting old - and boring!!!

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