Thursday, January 17, 2013

January 16th - Wacky Wednesday!

That was always on of my children's favorite books - and it was a bit that way today.  Well, nothing really weird, just a bit off balance all day.

I did some actual house cleaning today - that always gets me off balance - straightening, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  Bill had an estimate to do in the morning and then was here the rest of the day - that always gets things a little off balance, too.  At least I got him to complete a few chores.  All the Christmas boxes are now back in the attic, the cute wall plaque I got for Christmas from Kate has been hung in my bathroom, and he did the vacuuming and even spot cleaned the carpet.  All good things!

The missionaries stopped by and stayed a while, too.  They were out in the neighborhood and the rain started, so they came by here.  We had a nice visit with them and had a chance to get to know the new missionary a little better.  Of course, that is not a usual event, so that pushed things off balance a little, too.

Bill has a colonoscopy and endoscopy in the morning, so he got to start drinking the lovely fluid this afternoon.  He could only have fluids all day and he made more fuss about what he could and could not have - more imbalance!

I spent the rest of my free time working on family history and really got into it.  That happens sometimes and I totally lose contact with reality.  It was productive, though! 

So, hardly a normal day, but then maybe not really wacky either - just another rainy day in Georgia!

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