Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 7th - Back to Work!

We had our first RS presidency meeting since before Christmas and had a lot of things to discuss!  Pretty much took the morning.

In the afternoon, I had some things to do around the house, two loads of laundry to finish, and then I worked on family history.  I also managed to sneak in a short nap.

My first resolution for family history is to answer all these emails I have received.  I started with the oldest and it was one of Bill's lines.  I like to make sure I have everything updated before I start sending things to people, and often new information appears, as new records are always being added to the sites.  Anyway, while checking out his grandfather, I discovered a death record for a newborn baby.  I already knew that a girl baby had been stillborn in 1920, so assumed it was another record of that infant.  Just goes to show what "assume" does!  I finally noticed that this child was born and died on the same day in 1923.  Then I noticed it was a baby boy, not a girl.  Come to find out, there were two babies who died at birth!  I have some more follow-up to do on this, but this was certainly a big surprise!

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