Monday, June 30, 2014

June 29th - Sunday

This was a pretty normal Sunday.  I had my last class with the family history group.  The class will start up again in September.  Since this was a fifth Sunday, the third hour was a special program.  This time it was on family history and the goal was for everyone to find a name to reserve for the temple.  Obviously, we didn't actually accomplish that during the few minutes we had, but we did have most people with their computers/devices and made sure everyone was set up with a FamilySearch account.  Those that already had an account were given some ideas on programs that would help them find sources and names.  It went well, but the time was just too short.

The kids didn't come over for dinner, so we just had sloppy joe sliders, fruit, and chips.  It was actually very good.  Of course, it helps to be hungry!  The kids did come over a little later and we had a couple of hours with them.  They stayed until the little ones were so tired that they were getting cranky.  It is fun to have whatever time we can get together.  Tonight, they were into the lincoln logs and built cabins. 

Another great Sunday!

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