Saturday, June 14, 2014

June 13th - Mostly Lost in Family History - Again!

I am thinking that my life is pretty boring - family history again today.  Well, I did do a few other things and even got out to the library and to the grocery store.  But, the truth is, mostly I was working on family history.

There is a new website associated with FamilySearch called and I was checking it out.  I had done some things a few days ago and wanted to try out a little more.  Naturally, I got myself immersed in something that ended up pretty much filling my day!  Good website, but will be better as they tweak some parts of it a little.

I had awakened so early this morning that I was exhausted by afternoon, so I even took another nap - this time one of those really deep ones.  I think I needed it.

So, on with the boring life!

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