Saturday, June 28, 2014

June 27th - Certainly not a Quiet Day Today!

I was up and ready early this morning, so I could be at Lisa's by 8:45.  She and I and the kids headed down to Palmetto (south of Atlanta) to go to a play of the Wizard of Oz.  It was a beautiful setting.  It is an old farm that has been converted to cabins, a camp, activities, petting zoo, and a theater.  However, the theater is literally the "yellow brick road" and the audience sits on chairs or blankets on either side of the road and the play happens all up and down the road.  It was a fun experience and was quite well done.  Being outside in such a casual setting made it fun, too, as sometimes the audience was pulled in to the story.

When the play was finished, the kids enjoyed the petting zoo for a while, then we took off to find a place for lunch.  As there were not a lot of options right close, we ended up at DQ.  It wasn't great, but it worked!  Then there was the long ride back home.  We really had a fun day.

While I was gone, the two young women from the ward came over and cleaned my house, so it was wonderful to walk in to such a nice house.  They have done it several times, so they know where things are and what to do, so I just left the door open for them and the money on the table.  I was not disappointed!

I had only gotten back home for a short bit when the sister missionaries stopped by.  One of them was new and they were going around meeting some of the members.  We had a nice chat and they were just about ready to leave when Bill got home, so they stayed a few more minutes.

By then, it was time to get ready to go to Lizzie's birthday party.  The family hadn't gotten together for a while, so it was fun to see everyone - at least everyone who could make it for the party.  We had hot dogs and hamburgers.  Everyone is so excited that we only have 7 days and a "sleep" until we will all be at the beach.  That was a major topic of conversation!

So, while I have some quiet days - and enjoy them - today was not one of them.  I was on the go the entire day.  I will probably be exhausted tomorrow!  But, today was a great day.

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