Monday, June 2, 2014

June 1st - Quiet Sunday - Too Quiet!

This morning was our normal Sunday morning - getting last minute things ready for lessons, getting ready for church, getting dinner ready to go.  Today it was boneless pork ribs that I put in the oven on 300 while we were at church, along with boiled potatoes, fresh carrots, and corn on the cob.  I added some left-over canned pears and it turned out to be really good.  The kids were not coming for dinner, so this was all just for us!

Meetings were good.  It was Fast and Testimony meeting and it was a very good one.  There were a lot of priesthood brothers who bore testimony today, which is not always the case.  Usually it is mostly sisters and children, with just a few men.  I enjoyed it.  Then my class went well.  We talked more about documents and sources. 

The house smelled wonderful when we got home!  It took about 20 minutes to finish up the sides and we were able to eat.  We had planned on the kids coming over and having popcorn and dessert afterwards, but Lisa called and they were not going to make it.  She had fallen asleep and David didn't awaken her, so she slept until almost 6:00.  It was a bit too late by then. 

That is what made the day a little too quiet!  We enjoyed our Sunday, but we missed having the kids over. 

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