Thursday, June 5, 2014

June 4th - Family History Center

Well, it is Wednesday - that is always Family History Center Day.  I picked up my friend, along with a second friend, and we all headed out to the center.  I spent my time helping the second friend, who has been taking my class, but is still confused about how to do things.  Of course, she is in her 80's and not computer proficient, so it is a bit of a challenge!  We also had another patron come and my co-worker helped him out.

When we finished at the center, the three of us went out to lunch, which was fun.  Then I took them home and headed home myself.  Bill didn't have a job today and had a long list of errands he planned to do, but he was home by the time I got there.  He will be going up to join the priests for their high adventure tomorrow (they have been there since Tuesday), so he was getting things ready.  He discovered one more errand to run, so he returned my library book and picked up my prescription at the same time.

That meant that I just got to stay home and play on the computer (mostly family history - what else?)  It was a busy first part of the day, so I enjoyed my quiet ending.

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