Thursday, June 19, 2014

June 18th - Wednesday - Family History Day, of Course!

I got up and ready so I go leave early for the Family History Center.  Today was Genealogy Study Group meeting and I had a presentation, so I needed to get the projector and screen set up, make copies of my handout, as well as get the computer running and ready to go.  We had a good turnout for the meeting, including a couple of new people, and the presentations went well, including mine.  The steering committee met afterwards to make plans for the coming months.  Either Brother Peoples or I need to prepare a presentation on Fold3 for September.

Following the meeting, I came on home and worked on things around here.  I spent a little more time on the South African genealogy, sent a couple of emails to the person I am helping, and decided that I had done all I can for the moment on that. 

I had a few other odds and ends I am working on, but I need to get things a little better organized again, so I will do that the next time I sit down to work.

I always enjoy the genealogy meeting days and this one did not disappoint.

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