Monday, June 23, 2014

June 22nd - Fun Day with the Kids!

Brooks and Ashby both did well through the night, although they went to bed a little later than normal.  Brooks slept until almost 7 and Ashby got up around 7:30.  She did get up and climbed into our bed around 5:30, which is good for her.  She often spends most of the night with us.

They were excited to play and had a great morning.  They especially like the time that Grandpa was able to play with them.  Then it was time to get ready for church.  They needed lunch first and, of course, chose mac & cheese.  At least they had full tummies!  Then it was brush the teeth, get dressed, put some books in a bag and off we went.

They were both really good at church and we didn't have to take Brooks out at all.  His parents are not always that fortunate!  Then I went to get my class set up and Bill took them to Primary.  After all the meetings, I went by to pick them up.  They both had had a fun time and were smiling and happy.

As we rounded the corner on our street, they were excited to see that Mommy and Daddy were already at the house.  They could hardly wait to get out of the car.  It was cute - Ashby made straight for Daddy and Brooks headed straight for Mommy.  That about says it all!

Lisa had dinner all cooked.  I always have everything ready to go, so it will get done as quickly as possible when we get home.  It was so nice to walk in and find that Lisa had gone ahead and gotten everything done.  We just changed clothes and sat down to eat.  Sure easy for me!

They stayed for a while after dinner.  Ashby seemed to need some private play time, so she entertained herself in the playroom, while Brooks headed out to the backyard to play on the playset.  Both had a great time, but they were really tired when they finally headed home.

We had a great sleep-over with them.  What fun!  I love this grandparent business!!

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