Sunday, June 22, 2014

June 21st - Spend the Night!

This was pretty much a normal Saturday, with the usual chores, laundry, etc.  Bill had to get up early to help pick up scouts from camp and then he had a job this afternoon, so I was home alone all day.  I got the chores done, the laundry done, a run to the store completed, and then I did---- what did you expect?  Of course, family history.

I am trying to get more familiar with Fold3, so I looked up my ancestor Edmund Bacon, who was in the Revolutionary War, to see what I could find.  What I found was the widow's pension application.  It contains about 20+ pages of information, including several affidavits about his service.  I printed it all out.  I am looking forward to studying it in more detail.

Later in the afternoon, Lisa called to see if we could watch the kids for a while so she and David could go out for dinner.  Final decision - they would just spend the night.  So, we had a wild and woolly evening with two of the cutest kids ever.  They finally headed off to bed around 10:00.

A day can sure go from quiet to exciting in a split second!  It is fun to have them here.

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