Friday, June 6, 2014

June 5th - Some Mall Time

We got Bill of to scout camp this morning, then I just relaxed a little.  I did a few things that needed to be done, but as little as possible!  I was at the computer when Lisa called to say they were going to the mall for lunch - did I want to come.  Of course!

We met up at the food court, had lunch, then walked down to the play area.  We were there until they started getting a little bored, so they did a train ride before we took off for home.  Ashby came home with me and Lisa took Brooks home to nap.

Ashby and I had a fun time.  We played Barbies for a while and then she found the Connect 4 game and we were playing that when David came by to pick her up.  It was the first time she had played the game and was so excited when she would win.  Of course, I won once or twice, too, as children need to learn to lose, as well as to win.  We had a lot of fun.

Once she left, it was rather quiet around here.  I did some of my usual computer stuff, which quickly fills the time.  For dinner, I had some popcorn and watched some Law & Order.  I had eaten chicken and rice for lunch and wasn't really that hungry. 

I then curled up in bed, reading my scriptures and then my book, while a rather wild storm raged outside.  Sure hope it wasn't too bad in north Georgia where they are camping. 

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