Friday, June 13, 2014

June 12th - Let's See - What Did I Do Today?

Nothing special, I guess.  We took the car in to the garage first thing.  It needed some brake and alignment work.  Back at home, Bill headed off to work and I did the usual routine stuff around the house, including a couple of loads of laundry, and then spent some time working on my lesson for Sunday.  They want more about researching, so I was working on the tree of one of the students, hoping to find some things, plus figuring out what other websites to show them.

Bill got home early and we headed out to an early dinner.  We went to Pollo Carnival, which is supposed to be such a great place to get chicken.  They failed my test, though.  It was OK, but hardly worth a second trip.  What killed it was that the roll was cold - just one out of a box, with no butter or anything.  I won't go back. 

From there, we went and picked up the car.  Back home, we just relaxed.  I did a few more things on the computer, but nothing of great importance.  I guess I actually got quite a bit done today, but it seemed like a lazy day.

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