Sunday, June 29, 2014

June 28th - Nice Lunch Today

This was a Saturday with no obligations, so we didn't overdo.  My house is clean, thanks to my house cleaners, although I did have laundry to do.  Other than that, I got myself buried in family history and that is where I spent most of my day.

Bill decided we needed to go out to lunch, so we went to Red Lobster.  Very good.  In the afternoon, I was tired (maybe overdid it yesterday?) so I did take a short nap.  Other than that, my afternoon was also spent on family history.  Part of the time, I was checking for completed ordinances, bringing Roots Magic up to date.  Part of the time, I was doing some cleaning up on Family Search, using  Of course, that required a little research to make sure the cleaning up was correct.  I did find a good source for some additional information on Henry Andrew Smith - an early history of Kossuth County that had a bio about him.  It had a few things that help to clarify his timeline.

So, it was a good, fun, relaxing day and I accomplished a lot. 

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