Monday, March 31, 2014

March 30th - A Quieter Sunday than Usual - But I Still Loved It!

We had fast Sunday today, since it will be General Conference next week.  Otherwise, it was pretty much a normal day.  Well, I forgot my computer (I thought it was in the bag, but it wasn't.  Oh well!)  Fortunately, the lesson didn't require it so much today.  We will do the Family Search part next time.  It usually takes two weeks for each lesson anyway. 

From there on, though, the day was not quite as usual.  The kids didn't come over for dinner, as we had to go to a high priests quorum meeting at the stake center at 6:30, so we wouldn't have had enough time to even eat.  In fact, Bill got home, grabbed an apple and some food bars, and we went right back out in order to get to the meeting on time.  It was a good meeting, although I must admit that I am a little bit worn out on the missionary stuff.  That was the message in our fifth Sunday combined meeting earlier and that was pretty much what they talked about tonight.  It was all good, but I would really like to hear about something else.  We seem to have gotten into a missionary mode - and I sometimes feel it is at the expense of teaching anything else, that we might actually need more.  Oh, well - just the rant of a rebel, I guess.

It has been a good Sunday, filled with many spiritual moments.  And it is still my favorite day of the week!

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