Monday, March 24, 2014

March 23rd - Aren't Sundays Great?

I guess I should say "ditto" when it comes to Sunday posts - always wonderful.

And, today was no exception.  I had the usual quiet morning, followed by excellent meetings.  My class went well.  I have a group this time that are talkers, so it is going to be even harder to get everything covered.  They are also very excited and it is a lot of fun.  One of them mentioned that he got on his computer one day and started family history about 10 in the morning and at 10 that evening, he realized he had to stop to prepare his seminary lesson for the morning.  He was surprised it was so addictive!  Been there, done that - so I totally understand.

Back home, I put the finishing touches on dinner.  We had homemade chicken and noodles (so good!), brussels sprouts and spinach.  Lisa brought over a fresh pineapple that they had gotten at a great price, so that was the perfect finish to the meal.  Got a big laugh out of Brooks - he didn't want to sit at the table to eat (he had had his nap interrupted.)  Then he went outside and suddenly came back in wanting his noodles so he could sit at the patio table - all by himself - to eat.  He ate two big bowls and we had the biggest laugh watching him.  I don't know what he was pretending, but he was hilarious!

Later, Ashby decided that we needed to make chocolate chip cookies, so we did just that.  She really just wants to taste the dough and lick the beaters.  Once the cookies were starting to come out and were cooling, she had fun serving everyone from a tray and getting them something to drink.  I think she was playing waitress at that point. 

Since the kids had both napped, they were able to stay a little longer and we had a really fun evening.  Like I always say - Sundays are the best!

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