Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March 31st - Day at Home

I didn't have anything on my schedule today - which means I was very happy!  And, since the kids didn't come over yesterday, there wasn't much to do around the house either.  So, I got to play all day!

Of course, when I play, it is at the computer, usually doing family history.  Did I have a boring day?  Nope.  I worked on family history, mostly, plus a few other odds and ends.  I am still working on my grandfather's siblings, so that had most of my attention for the day.  I finished going through what I could find on Ancestry.com and am about to start making sure everything is correct on FamilySearch.  That will take a while, as there are ten children.  I will also search the records there, in case they have something I haven't found yet.  I also have a few things I want to follow up on on other sites.  It will probably all take a few more weeks!  Especially since some weeks I don't get very little time to work on it.

I did manage to sneak in a short nap in the afternoon.  Since I wasn't doing anything else, I also cooked some dinner - pork chops, yams, and corn.  Very good.  Bill got home pretty late - wouldn't you know when I had dinner ready. 

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