Thursday, March 27, 2014

March 26th - Family History, Again!

I wasn't sure we would be able to have the family history center open this morning since they are in the process of moving to new rooms in the building.  It wasn't until late Tuesday evening that the director called and said he had four of the computers up and working, so we could open.  It was still a bit of mess, but at least we could be there.

I picked up my friend, as usual, and we were excited to see what was happening.  There are quite a few things that have to be cleared out yet, but it will be very nice when everything is done and set up as it will be in the end.  We will have 8 computers, instead of four, plus will be better suited to do training right there for small groups.  The readers are in the third part of the room, with the big doors that will close to make it dark.  We are excited.  There were just the three of us, but we managed to get some work done on our own family history, so it was successful in that respect, too.

Afterwards, we got some lunch and then headed on home.  We did a rather long lunch, as we were having such a good time chatting.  By the time I got home, I had a couple of quick things to do around the house.  I finally gave it up and went to take a short nap, but I was just reading when Bill got home, a little early.  We talked a bit and then he had to run out for one more errand and I got the short nap, finally.

This evening, we had an appointment to meet with the stake president.  We were not sure why - but thought it might be about releasing him from the bishopric, as it has been mentioned.  He served with the previous bishopric, too, so it has been quite a while.  Anyway, it turned out the stake president was really just on a fact-finding mission to get a better feel of where we were and if a mission might be a possibility.  We told him that a full-time mission was probably not possible, as we just didn't have the finances.  He suggested a possible stake service mission, one that he is feeling is very important right now.  We discussed it a little and will get back together later to talk about it some more.  Bill was actually quite excited about it, so we shall see if we are eventually led that way.

Billy called this evening for a quick chat.  He sounds good.  He is really liking his job and his boss has renewed his contract and hinted about his becoming a permanent employee.  If they can come to an agreement about it all sometime in the future, he may consider it.

So, all in all, a very good day.

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