Sunday, March 30, 2014

March 29th - Family History Fair

Today I spent at the church attending a Family History Fair.  It was co-sponsored by the church, DAR, SAR, and Georgia Genealogical Society.  They had four class periods, with three choices per period.  I took the classes on military pensions, genealogy proof standards, land grants, and local libraries.  They were all really good.  There was a really good turnout.  I don't know how many, but had to be 200, probably more.  I saw a lot of people from the community, as well as members.  It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Of course, that means I didn't do much at home!  I did get two loads of laundry done.  Bill worked on the taxes while I was gone and got those just about finished.  We have a couple of things to look into for sure to see if we can reduce it a little more. 

Later in the afternoon, he took a couple of the young men to help someone move something heavy and then they went for some food afterwards.  That was about the time I managed to sneak in a short nap. 

This evening, I was still tired, so I watched the Women's Broadcast at home.  It was really good.  Bill sat and watched most of it, too, and was very impressed.  It was a wonderful way to end a good day.

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