Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 22nd - Busy Day

I had my two young women house cleaners come again today.  They had contacted me to see if it was time to come again, so I guess they were excited about the job.  They did a great job, again, and were able to do it in much less time.  I think they have figured out a better routine.  I had straightened the house before the came, so they were able to just clean away while I worked at the desk.

I also managed to get four loads of laundry done.  I even stewed a chicken for tomorrow and made some homemade noodles so we can have chicken and noodles.  Yummy!  Problem is, I have to roll out the noodles by hand and it takes a while.  Got it done, though.

In the office, I did some cleaning off of the desk stuff, as well as a bunch of other little stuff that had piled up.  I managed to put in a really nice chunk of time on family history itself.  Working on another story from Bill's family and finding more documents to help support the story. 

I worked so hard on everything (Ha!) that I ended up taking a short nap late in the afternoon.  I also finished another book - a real loser - glad it is finished!  I started another one this evening that looks to be quite good.  Since I mostly read books that have been recommended from one source or another, I rarely get a bad one.  I guess it has to happen sometimes, though.  When I read the Kindle, on the other hand, I find more bad ones since I have all freebies on there. 

Bill had to go to a seminary social this evening, so I had a quiet evening, relaxing.  I watched an old episode of Law & Order while I had some dinner and then headed off to bed early to start my new book.

It has been a good and productive day. 

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