Saturday, March 8, 2014

March 7th - A Day with the Kiddos!

I was just finishing with my shower and getting dressed when Lisa called.  She and Brooks were planning to come over near my house to go to a consignment sale that we had talked about the day before.  She wondered if I wanted to come along.  I don't need to be asked twice!

When she finished with the voice lesson she had to give, they came over and we went to the sale.  She found a few things for Brooks (he is the one who really needs some things) and a lot of stuff for Ashby.  I bought Brooks a little bag with three vehicles - a snow plow, a fancy tractor, and a race car.  He was so excited!

After the shopping, we went to Del Rio for some lunch, which was yummy.  After lunch, we headed back to the house to drop me off, as it was time for them to pick up Ashby from school.  Brooks really wanted to stay, so he ended up staying with me for the afternoon.  He is so entertaining!  He played with his new vehicles, then got the car box out.  Let's see - he played doctor for a while with the items from Bill's pencil jar.  I got my ears checked with the tire pressure gauge, etc.  Eventually, he wanted the Lincoln logs, so we built some buildings and then the cars crashed into them to make them fall down.  Let's see, he had the little flag, so played parade, going round and round the house.  I was required to clap and cheer every time he came through the living room.  Needless to say, he kept busy the whole afternoon and was a hoot!

Lisa has an early afternoon lesson on Fridays, so once that was finished, she and Ashby came over and were able to spend another hour or so until she had to leave again to finish her lessons for the day.  Ashby brought her back pack from school and showed me all her papers.  She also wanted to know if I had the book Horton Hears a Who.  They had read it at school, starting on Monday, but she had missed on Tuesday when they finished the book and she wanted to read it.  Of course, I have the book!  I also got some really good cuddle time with her.  She was not happy that they didn't get to stay longer, but at least they were all here for a little bit.  It was a fun day.

Once everyone left, I did just a couple of things and then took a nap.  I might have been asleep 10 minutes when Bill got home.  Of course, just opening the front door wakes me up.  I stayed in bed for a while longer and might have dozed another few minutes, before I finally gave up. 

I then went to work on the family history stuff, still working on my grandfather's siblings.  I am on his oldest sister right now and FamilySearch has all of her children listed twice, so I am trying to get them merged.  It is not easy, though, when I don't know when or where they died.  So, for each one, I am having to do some considerable research first and then doing the merges.  Some parts of family history can be cumbersome.  On the other hand, I am finding lots of information about them.

This evening was just a quiet one.  I was back in bed reading rather early.  I guess, as much as I love the grandkids being here, it tires me out!

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