Thursday, March 6, 2014

March 5th - Sun Broke Through!

So glad we had some sun today.  I actually wore my sunglasses while out.  I guess we need to be grateful for what we get.  I think it is supposed to rain again tomorrow and the day after.

I was out because it was my day at the family history center.  I picked up my friend and we had a great morning doing family history.  My co-worker made it in, too, and she took care of the one patron who came.  What an adorable elderly woman she was, too.  Jan and I were both working on what we had started last week.  And we were both successful, I might add.

We stopped and got some lunch when we finished at the center and then it was back home.  I had some routine things to do at home and then spent some time on my fireside presentation again.  It is beginning to come together, so hopefully I will have it pretty much done in another day or two. 

I decided that I wanted to take a nap, so I laid down and read a little.  I never did go to sleep, though.  My mind was just too busy!  I enjoyed the rest anyway.

This evening was activity night, but I am not going over every Wednesday night now, unless someone sets an appointment.  Instead, I fixed some popcorn, watched a bit of BYU-TV and then worked on a few computer things, before I headed back to bed to read. 

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