Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March 24th - Busy Start ot the Week

Started my Monday morning doing the usual routine.  Then about 11:00, I took off to have lunch with a friend at her new house, so I could see the house and catch up with her.  On my way, right in front of me, I car wiped out a motorcycle.  Horrible!  Car ran the red light and t-boned the cycle straight on.  Turns out it was a police officer, possibly a back injury, but hopefully will be OK.  It is amazing, to tell you the truth.  Anyway, it all delayed me some, but I made it to Sara's house a little bit late.

We had a nice tour of the house and then lunch.  The house is huge - every room is oversized, very nice layout.  I think they will really love it once they get settled.  We also had a chance to chat and get caught up on things.  Plus, I enjoyed seeing her two little ones - so cute.  Lisa had loaned her some things for her son's third birthday party, so I also carried those things back, as well as a loaf of homemade bread as a thank you to Lisa.  I really enjoyed my couple of hours.

Back home, I worked at the desk a while, trying to get a few things out of the way, as well as working on my Sunday lesson and some other family history stuff. 

I then went out to visit teach one of my sisters who has a birthday today.  I took her a basket with some of the cookies that Ashby and I made last night.  My companion was taking her own daughter for a medical procedure, so I just went alone.  We had a fun chat.  She had taken a fall on the ice a few weeks ago and is still wearing a brace, but the bone bruise seems to be healing and she is getting around better.  She has her follow-up with the ortho on Monday.

Back home once again, I had some left over noodles for my dinner.  Then Lisa and the kids dropped by to pick up the bread and things.  David was working until it got dark, so they ran by just to see him a bit and then came over here for a little bit.  The kids are always so funny.  Ashby cuddled up in my lap in the big chair.  Nothing is better!  Brooks on the other hand kept searching for a snack and then announced that he needed to go out in the yard.  Clear boy - girl differences with those two!

It has been a good-bad day, for sure.  The accident is still in my thoughts and I do hope the officer recovers totally.  Motorcycles are so fun to ride, but so dangerous.  Even careful cyclists get hit - like today.  It was 100% the driver's fault, not even close, but the cyclist is still the one paying for her carelessness.  I have some friends who ride - I hope they all stay safe!

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