Friday, March 7, 2014

March 6th - Visit from Brooks!

My day started as the normal routine - not really worth talking about!  I was on my way to the library about 10:30 when I got a call from Lisa.  She and Brooks were out running errands, so they wanted to come over for a short visit.  Since I was almost at the library and had no other chores on my list, I was more than happy to have them come. 

She had one more stop to make, so we had decided that they would eat lunch here.  When Brooks eats at grandma's house, lunch is always mac and cheese, so I had started cooking the macaroni by the time they got here.  He was so funny.  I asked him what he wanted for lunch, he walked straight to the pantry and pulled out the mac!  He is so predictable!!

We enjoyed our lunch and hilarious entertainment from Brooks.  He is just funny - that's all I can say.  Sometimes he reminds me so much of Jason with the charm and humor.  He played with a stuffed bear for a bit.  The bear went pee pee in the potty, so he got a sticker, and then they went to Target to buy a train, then back home to play.  That all happened on the kitchen rug.  Bet you can't guess what Brooks is working on right now!  He also got out the mighty machines and the playmat and played with them for a while.  It was a short visit, as they had to pick up Ashby at 1:00, but it sure was fun.  My day was considerably brightened!

After they left, I worked on my Sunday lesson.  Since this is the second time around on the class, I have the lessons basically prepared, but I still need to review them and tweak some things.  That is all done now, so a quick review Sunday morning should finish that.  I decided to let the fireside ideas sit another day, so I can mull it a little more.

Bill got home early and we both ended up taking short naps.  The sister missionaries had called and asked if he would go with them to an appointment at 4:30, so he did that.  It turned out to be a really good visit.  The contact is one of those intellectuals who has done his research, so has a lot of questions.  He will probably not go far with gaining a testimony, but Bill really enjoyed the discussion and came home interested in looking some things up and doing a little research in response.  It is always good to be stimulated to think!

Meanwhile, I worked on my family history.  I had done some things at the family history yesterday and last week that I still needed to complete, so I was working on that.  I made some nice progress, too, but there is still a lot to do to get my grandfather's siblings all up to date.

This has been a productive day and I feel good about my day - fun with a grandson and family history progress, what more could I ask?

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