Wednesday, March 12, 2014

May 11th - What a Beautiful Day!

Wow - I think we made it to 80 today, with lots of sun.  It was a beautiful day.  It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and get cooler, but I think spring might win the battle in the end!

Lisa had to renew her drivers license and with the new rules in Georgia, she expected it would take quite a while.  To get a new license or to renew the first time since the law was passed, you have to show all sorts of ID's, including birth certificate or passport, social security, proof of residence like utility statements or bank statements, etc.  There have been horror stories of how long it is taking to get a renewal done.  I guess they are finally getting their act together, though, since this has been in effect since last year. 

She dropped Brooks off on her way, so she wouldn't have to deal with him while she waited.  He and I had a great morning.  He had brought some play dough, so we played at the kitchen table with that for quite a while.  Then, he was wanted to go outside and "paint" some more.  We were in the backyard the rest of the time until Lisa got back around 11 or so.  He had more fun playing with the water.  Of course, I had him stripped, but he still managed to get his clothes a little bit wet.  He had so much fun, though!

When she got back, he wanted lunch, so ate a small bowl of left over mac and cheese from yesterday and then they took off.  I had plenty of things to finish up at home, so I didn't go.  I had started laundry earlier and had that to finish, including the sheets so the bed had to be made, too.  Plus, there was all the routine stuff.  I spent some time at the computer, too, doing several things that had piled up on the desk.

By mid-afternoon, I was worn out.  It will take me a couple of weeks to get adjusted to this time change.  I ended up falling asleep and I must have slept for two hours!  Not good - that makes it harder to get to sleep at bedtime.  An hour would have been plenty.  I may have to set my alarm!  LOL!

The evening was quiet and relaxed.  I did cook some dinner - surprise!  I fixed a slice of ham, fried potatoes with onions and sweet peppers, and cabbage.  We devoured everything!  So, when I do cook, it is questionable about how healthy it is.  Well, I did use olive oil for the cooking..........

I finished up another book tonight, too.  I don't really like books with paranormal, ghosts, etc., but Odd Thomas had been recommended, so I gave it a try.  It was a very well-written book.  Koontz is certainly a story-teller.  I found Odd to be an extremely likeable character and that did draw me in.  I just don't like the ghost thing - not because it is frightening (which it wasn't), but I just can't accept it as reality and that diminishes my enjoyment.

But I thoroughly enjoyed my beautiful day!

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