Saturday, March 1, 2014

February 28th - Happy Birthday to the Best Daughter Ever!

I started my day by picking up a friend so we could make a trip to Costco.  She needed bread flour and doesn't have a membership and I needed some things anyway.  Perfect solution.  We enjoyed our stroll around the store, got the things we needed, and headed back home.

At home, I did a few of the routine things that had not yet been done and then by early afternoon I was exhausted.  I guess it was my busy day yesterday.  Anyway, I took one of those long, intense naps.  I must have slept for over an hour!  I felt great when I got up, though.

I spent a little office time, then Bill got home.  We went over to Lisa's for her birthday dinner, but David called and was running a little late.  He had planned to bake a cake with Ashby, but that wasn't going to happen, so we stopped at Publix and picked up a fancy cake and some candles.  This time the cake was a white cake with a strawberry and cream filling and giant strawberries on top.  It was really good.  (I actually like white cake better than chocolate, so I was happy.)  We also bought some candles - the numerals were sparklers and then we got some of the magic candles to circle the top of the cake.  It looked very festive when it was sparkling!  And the kids love blowing out the candles and having them relight again and again. 

Dinner was homemade tacos, which were very yummy.  David had found a new taco maker.  It fries 4 tortillas at once, instead of one at a time like ours.  And, the kicker, it makes them "u" shaped, not "v."  This is something we have all been wanting to find forever.  Now our single taco maker will not be the one item they fight over as an inheritance! 

We had a fun evening, with the kids providing an abundance of entertainment for us.  Ashby has suddenly taken an interest in magic tricks and did a couple for us.  She did a really good job, too.  She was quite proud.

I think Lisa had a good birthday, what with dinner last night at The Melting Pot and family celebration with tacos tonight.  I know we have had fun.  So glad for such a wonderful daughter, who has made us proud many times over. 

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