Monday, March 10, 2014

March 9th - Special Sabbath Day

We had a special stake conference this morning.  We had our regular conference in October, then the broadcast one in January.  Needless to say, everyone was surprised when it was announced just a few weeks ago that we had another one today.  It was one of those times when general authorities were in the area, I think to meet with the missions here, and they chose to do a conference with a stake.  The Atlanta North mission home is in our stake, so I guess that is why we were chosen.  Elder Cook was with the missionaries yesterday, but was not here today.  One of the Presidents of the Seventy was supposed to be the one attending, but some family issue kept him away at the last minute and Elder Piper was sent in his place.  And we enjoyed his talk very much.

It was a good meeting all the way around.  Elder Piper called it a "stake conference light" since there were no Saturday meetings and the Sunday meeting was only an hour and a half long.  The stake president spoke, as well as the mission president and his wife, then they called four youth out of the audience to bear their testimonies.  After an intermediate hymn, they called three other people to speak.  Two of those people were the Tuckers, good friends of ours.  They were both born in Salt Lake City and baptized when they were 8, but they had become inactive by the time they were youth and have never been active.  They are now in their 70's and a few years ago started coming back.  They were sealed in the temple last year.  The both did a great job.  What an example they have become for the rest of our ward!

Elder Piper spoke last, of course, and we were very impressed with his talk and with his personality.  Quite honestly, we could have listened to more of his stories!  It was a very spiritual and uplifting meeting.

Back home, being so early, I got dinner ready to go and then we had plenty of time to take naps and relax before the kids came over.  They got here around 5:30 and I finished getting dinner cooked.  Well, David helped cook - he was responsible for the plank salmon.  I just did the potatoes, brussels sprouts, fried apples, and crescent rolls.  Boy, was it ever a good meal!

With the time change, it stayed light so much later and the weather was beautiful today, so the kids were outside every minute they weren't at the table eating.  They had such a good time.  I had a meeting, so had to leave about 6:30, so missed the rest of their time here.  I could tell when I got home that they had fixed popcorn.  It turns out Ashby had asked Ethan and Eric from next door to come play.  Then, when she discovered popcorn, she invited them in to eat some.  Cute.

My meeting was the Family History Consultants meeting.  They have cut it to just every other month, and although I do not like leaving on Sunday evenings to attend a meeting, I did go.  Only about 6 consultants came, though.  It was a good meeting, especially since he tries to keep it short and to the point.  I was back home by 8:45, so got to visit a few minutes with our home teachers who had come just as the kids were leaving.

What a busy day!  As usual, though, Sundays really are the best day of the week - for so many reasons!

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