Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 1st - Not Another Month Already!!!!

This year is whipping by so fast - another new month.  I am hoping that spring will actually arrive and the winter stuff is gone for good!!!

Since this was Saturday, my day was very predictable - clean house, several loads of laundry, change sheets, plan dinner for Sunday.  And then, of course, final check on Sunday lesson and work on family history.

I lay down for a little rest in the afternoon, but just read.  In fact, I finished the book Never Let Me Go.  It was rather strange, but I enjoyed it.  It was kind of a twist on real life - what if after WWII, they started cloning people to provide replacement organ donations for those who need them.  The clones would have to be taken care of until they were adult size, then they could begin giving their donations.  But, this story is told from the point of view of the clones, who were raised in a private school.  The public doesn't think they have souls, so what or who are they really.  It was a strange book, but there are plenty of things to think about.

This afternoon, Bill and David took off to watch some of the high school basketball tournament games down at Georgia Tech.  Lisa and I took the kids to a play at the local theater.  We went out for dinner at the Chinese place first.  The play was a melodrama/vaudeville type show and was quite funny.  The kids seemed to enjoy it - booing and cheering.  But, just at the end of the first act, they shot a cannon and Ashby really didn't like the boom.  I think she was really tired by then anyway.  Poor thing, at that point she just wanted to go home.  Since we didn't want to force things too much, and we couldn't convince her otherwise, we headed on home.  It was fun, though, and she did talk about some of the funny things on the way home.  She doesn't like loud noises and bad people, so she was not really sure about the villain either.  Sometimes he was funny, but not always.  We still had a lot of fun.

I came on home then and started a new book!

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