Wednesday, March 19, 2014

March 18th - Stuck at Home!

With the car in the garage, I am stuck at home.  That isn't a complaint, actually, since I tend to like to be stuck at home.  Since they didn't get it done today, though, I would be stuck at home again tomorrow, but I have a friend who will give me a ride then, since it will be a busy day.

I went through the usual routine stuff around the house, including a couple of loads of laundry.  My highlight for the day was having a dear friend drop by.  Lisa had left some things at the house from the Construction birthday party she did for Brooks last December.  My friend is doing the same kind of birthday party for her little boy, so she stopped to pick up those things.  We had a nice chat.  I really enjoyed it.  We will be doing lunch one day next week, so I have that to look forward to.  She had her little girl with her - so cute!  I want to get my hands on her, but she was rather clingy to her mommy today.

My other fun time of the day was working on family history again.  I had a woman who had come to the center last week give me a call and ask for some help.  I will take some things to show her when we are both at the meeting tomorrow.  I did a little bit of several things - working on upcoming lesson, some actual research, etc.

Bill got home early since he couldn't do the job that had been scheduled.  He seems to be fighting a cold.  I am still less than 100% because of the sinus thing, but I certainly felt better than yesterday!  We both ended up napping in the afternoon.

So, stuck at home is not a bad thing!  I, for one, had a very enjoyable day.

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