Sunday, March 16, 2014

March 15th - Women's Conference

We had the kids spending the night last night and had a lot of fun, but this morning I had to leave them to Grandpa while I headed off to the stake women's conference.  I had just a little time with the kids before I left, since they were both up around 6:30. 

The conference was nice.  We were supposed to choose three of six classes offered, but I had no interest in any of them.  I attended the first session on communication, just because I like the couple who presented.  After that, I just helped get lunch set up.  The sister in charge was from my ward and I had told her I would help, which at least got me out of the rest of the classes.  There was not anything wrong with the classes, but there was nothing of substance that I would have liked to have taken.  I know many of the younger sisters enjoyed some of them.  Just not me!  Don't you think there should be at least one class that is doctrine of some kind?  I am not interested in homemade gifts, my personal style, photography, finances, etc.  I still had fun, though.  And I did listen to the closing speaker and enjoyed his talk a great deal.  He was in our stake presidency until recently and I have always really liked him.  He is from Jamaica and has an adorable young family and is a great speaker. 

I finally got back home around 2:30 or so.  I did a couple of things that needed doing and then I took a nice nap.  I was exhausted! 

I had won tickets to see "Shrek, the Musical" and had given them to Lisa and family.  They went to see it this afternoon and had a great time.  I enjoyed seeing her posts on FB.  They rode MARTA down to the Arts Center to see the play.  It is the national touring company, so was a quality show.  I can't wait to hear all the rest of the details.

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