Monday, March 17, 2014

March 16th - Busy Sunday for Me!

As usual, my Sunday was the best day of the week, even though there were a couple of negatives.  Like, it is raining again!  Enough, already!  Oh, yeah, and my car overheated on the way to church.  Bill had noticed a leak yesterday, but said it would be fine for the drive to church.  Oops, it started steaming just as I pulled into my parking spot at church.  He checked it after church and it was more than a little leak, so I drove the van and he came later with the car.  The bishop followed him home to make sure he made it, which he did.  Tomorrow it will obviously have to go to the garage.

Even with those "not so goods", it was a very good day.  The talks in Sacrament Meeting were really good and a musical number was wonderful.  The brother who sang in the duet was also the speaker and he always does an excellent job. 

My Sunday School class was great.  I have a nice group and they seem to be excited.  Today, a big part of the lesson was the story of my grandfather's service in WWI and how I found what I found and how I used historical background to fill in the story and make it come to life. 

This evening, I had to do a presentation to the youth for a fireside.  I find that anything with the youth is a challenge, because they are so easily bored - and even when they aren't bored, they often look like they are!  I used Elder Anderson's talk to the youth from RootsTech and issued his challenge.  We also talked a lot about the technology that is helping family history.  Some of them actually got into it a little.  They even laughed a couple of times.  With youth, that means success!

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