Monday, March 3, 2014

March 2nd - A Rather Quiet Sunday

The kids didn't come over today, so things seemed rather quiet this afternoon and evening.  They had been out late on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and a quiet day at home for them was needed.  Even so, we missed them coming over.  We did take advantage of the time, though, and did a good bit of relaxing ourselves!

Today was the first class in the new family history class.  I had a good turnout - 13 people.  About half of them are new, so it should be a good class.  This first lesson is the lesson on the doctrine, but next week we will really start on the real family history stuff.  I am excited about it.

The rest of the day was a usual Sunday.  Testimony meeting was good, RS lesson was good.  I had a crockpot dinner going, so dinner was easy.  It was called salsa chicken and was chicken, black beans, corn, and salsa cooked on low all day, then the chicken was shredded and a block of cream cheese added.  We used it as stuffing for flour tortillas - sort of like a giant burrito.  It was really good!

Billy called in the evening and we had a nice chat.  He was doing the last of his laundry and getting ready to head back to Des Moines in the morning.  He had midterms on his classes this past week, so he didn't have any homework, making for a rather quiet week on that front.  This afternoon, he went to visit with Grandpa for a while and said they had a good couple of hours. 

So, even though we missed the kids coming over, it has been a good Sabbath day.

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