Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 3rd - Rainy Monday

We went from 70 and sunny yesterday to 40 and rainy today.  This Georgia winter weather is so bi-polar and I think everyone is ready for some spring.  The daffodils are up and the early blooming trees are pretty in purple, but it certainly doesn't feel like spring yet.

Bill's job had to cancel, so we were pretty much home all day.  I had the usual Monday morning straightening, etc., but with no kids over yesterday, there wasn't much in the way of toys to get back in their right places.  I did have some dishes that were used late and the dishwasher needed to be emptied.  I spent most of the day at the computer working on family history. 

I have to do a youth fireside on the 16th and I spent a lot of time trying to focus in on just what to do with them.  I know it is supposed to be on family history, but I don't want it to be boring or a repeat of what they have already heard.  So, I am trying to get creative.  Hopefully, something will come into focus soon.

I also spent some time on the lesson I will teach on Sunday.  I will be repeating all my stories from the last class, but I wanted to write up the first one to save to my family tree.  In the process of rechecking details, I discovered some new information - not about my grandfather, but about the events that he was part of.  It is a challenge to get the story just the way I want it, which includes being as totally accurate as possible.  So, who knew that Camp Gordon in Georgia was not the same as Fort Gordon.  After all, the history of Fort Gordon says it was originally called Camp Gordon.  Long story, but basically it turns out that there was an earlier Camp Gordon during WWI that was used as a training base.  It was built in 1917 and dismantled in 1921.  The area is now called Peachtree Dekalb Airport! 

With the rainy weather, the sinus headache started coming back more and more through the day.  I ended up spending some "quality" time with the TV.  I watched the last couple of episodes of Genealogy Roadshow.  (I was disappointed when I remembered that Downton Abbey had finished last week.)  Then again this evening, I watched some Law & Order with Bill. 

As usual, I ended my day in bed with my reading.  I only read one chapter in the Old Testament.  It was too hard to concentrate.  Then I read a couple hours in my other book. 

We are supposed to have cloudy and/or rainy weather all week.  I am not sure I will manage that.  Then again, I really did find some good things today. 

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