Saturday, October 12, 2013

Oct 11th - Babysitting Brooks - and then Ashby

My totally open Friday started with the usual stuff around here.  By the time I was sitting at the computer doing some things, Lisa called.  She had to go to Ashby's school and be the "mystery reader," and since Brooks was still not feeling well, she wanted to bring him over.  She had scheduled a play date for him, but didn't want to expose any other children.  Being such a devoted grandmother, I immediately said, "Bring him on!"

Today, he wanted the train, so we got Thomas and friends out and all set up and he played with that a while.  Then it was on to the art table, which entertained him for a long time.  Cars were added next.  He drew a race track on the chalk board portion of the table and had the cars driving around and around.  When he tired of all that play, he had a homesick moment and said he wanted to go home.  Poor guy, he was just not feeling well.  So, we cuddled up on the couch with his pillow and a blanket and got the Roku on.  I was thinking he could watch some Disney cartoons, but he saw the Netflix logo and suddenly wanted to watch "Mighty Machines."  He was then so happy as he watched a building being demolished and then the snowplows clearing all that snow.  He was even willing to eat some lunch while he watched.

That was about when Lisa and Ashby got back.  Lisa put him down for a nap and left Ashby while she ran a couple of quick errands.  Surprisingly, he actually went to sleep - his first nap in days.  Ashby, meanwhile, was playing with the cars and the train track and was totally happy.  Eventually, she wanted me to play with her, so we played with the cars on the coffee table. 

It wasn't much later that Lisa got back, and finally had to wake Brooks up so she could get home in time for her music lessons.  He wasn't too grouchy when he got woke up, which is good news.  It was fun having them here for a good part of the day.  I do love this grandmother business.

When they left and things got truly quiet again, I spent some time on family history - well, not on research but on working on some of my upcoming projects.  My student manuals arrived today, too.  I am close to ready to start the Sunday class - sure hope they have found a spot for me!

By the time Bill got home, it was getting a little late and I was really tired.  Those grandkids can certainly wear one out!  Still - loved my day.

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