Saturday, October 26, 2013

Oct 25th - On the Go Today

I had a lot to get done today, so I was on the go a good bit.  I had some cleaning to do in the house, along with routine stuff.  My big trip out was to the grocery store to get all the food for our NC trip.  I got all the linens and towels packed, as well as all the food, other than the cooler stuff, of course.  It all took a big hunk of time.

This evening was the ward Halloween party.  I would have stayed home, except that Lisa and family came, too.  The children were adorable - Tinkerbell and Peter Pan.

They had fun at the party, but it was a bit of a disappointment.  They called it a hoedown and had line dancing, but not much else.  Of course, the children wanted to do all the fun games and activities, of which there were none.  They did like the gold fish snacks.  And, of course, trunk or treat was a ton of fun.  They borrowed our popcorn maker and the popcorn was a big hit, too.

I no longer enjoy activities that are loud and chaotic.  This party qualified on all counts.  The music was loud, children were running wild because they had nothing to do, and I could hardly wait to get home!  At least once my Tinkerbell and Peter Pan left. 

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