Thursday, October 3, 2013

Oct 2nd - Genealogy Class Success!

I have been fretting for days over the class that I have to teach this morning for the Genealogy Study Group, a Gwinnett County genealogy group.  They had asked Kristi to teach a class, but she was too overwhelmed and asked me to do it instead.  So today I had to teach a genealogy class to a group outside of the church for the first time.

I am glad to say that it went well.  It was an easy topic - some of the research tools on FamilySearch, specifically the genealogies, catalog, books, and wiki options.  I went a little over my time.  I had 30 minutes and when I reached that point, and still had a little more I wanted to say, I just said my time was finished, but were they good for another few minutes.  I got a resounding "yes!', so I spent another 15 minutes before closing.

The nicest compliment is that they want me to come back and teach another class in January.  They will let me know exactly what they want then, although it will probably be about researching on FamilySeach.  I am excited, since this is exactly what I would like to do as part of my calling as Family History Consultant.  I am supposed to work with the ward members, but I am also supposed to be working with the community.  Yeah, success!

When I got home, I gave Lisa a call and she dropped the kids off.  They have both been sick this week and she was getting stir crazy and needing to get some groceries.  Brooks went straight to bed for his nap - and slept until almost 6:00!  Ashby and I read books and played quietly until she started feeling bad again.  Then she cuddled up on the couch and watched some Disney classic cartoons.  Lisa got back after she finished with the voice lesson she had to give.  It was fun having them here, but so sad to see Ashby feeling so sick.  Glad Brooks is feeling better and hoping Ashby gets better soon.

Bill had activity night at church tonight, so I had the evening alone.  I did some of the things that had been put off all day and then curled up with my book.  It has been a busy day, but I am pleased with my success!

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