Friday, October 25, 2013

Oct 24th - Another Quiet Day

Other than water aerobics this morning, I didn't really do much.  Well, I kept busy with this and that around the house, but I didn't accomplish anything worthy of blogging.  Among the little things I did finish the packing list for the trip to the mountains.  We don't usually take food, but are going to do so this time, so I had to get that all figured.  Tomorrow I will start packing it so I will know what I need to get at the store.  I also spent some time on family history, but mostly related to the class rather than deep research on my own.

I rested some in the afternoon and watched a little of Monarch of the Glen.  Bill ran the popcorn machine over to the church for them to use for the ward activity tomorrow night.  I had gotten it all cleaned up and instructions written out.  I have doubts as to whether we will get it back in working order, but whatever.......

The rest of my day was just "stuff."  I think I need to get a more interesting life.  Problem is - I am quite happy the way it is!

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