Friday, October 11, 2013

Oct 10th - Busy, Busy, Busy!

Well, I enjoyed my quiet days earlier in the week, but that is not what I got today!  After water aerobics, I came home and got ready for my day.  I had the "normal" chores to get done.  Then I had the rest of my errands to run.  This time it was a trip to the library to return and pick up books, a stop at CVS to get the weekly specials, a stop to get gas for the car, and finally a quick run into the grocery store to get apples and a few other odds and ends.

By the time I finished all the running around, I relaxed at the computer for a few minutes.  Then I had to get the apple crunch made for RS this evening.  It takes a while to peal all those apples!  I made an extra small one, so Bill and I could have a little if the big pan got all eaten.  We were supposed to bring our favorite fall comfort food and apple crunch seemed to fit the description perfectly.

My friend Bonnie picked me up about 6:30 to go to the RS meeting.  It was fun chatting with her on the way over and back.  The evening was just a social and there was a good turnout.  The food was all good and all the time spent chatting with sisters was well spent.  They ended with a get acquainted activity that was cute.  Each person had a penny and had to tell something that happened in her life during the year that the penny was issued.  Fun.

Bill was the one who actually had a quiet evening at home alone tonight.  I guess he deserved that!  It was a good, and very busy, day. 

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