Friday, October 18, 2013

Oct 17th - Almost Back to Normal

I started the day with water aerobics, so things are finally more or less back to normal.  I came home, showered and got dressed, and then headed out to pick up one of the sisters I visit teach.  We went to Pandora Bread for lunch.  We had a great visit and spent a couple of hours together.

Back home, I did some things on the computer until I started feeling very tired!  I was hoping to avoid a nap, so I compromised by resting on the couch and watching a couple of episodes of Monarch of the Glen.  I felt refreshed when I finished with that.

This evening, I worked at the Family History Center.  Of course, no one came in.  We are hopeful that once the center gets moved to its new spot in the building and enough staff is in place, we will get better attendance.  I know a lot of people are hoping that they will go back to day time hours.  Anyway, I did a little reading and some indexing, so my evening was busy.

I am glad I am feeling better.  The sinus stuff is still there, but not as bad.  Here's hoping that it will be completely gone soon.  Of course, having a rainy day like today doesn't help. 

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