Saturday, October 19, 2013

Oct 18th - Viewing

This evening we went over to east Marietta to attend the viewing for Tom Mildenhall.  It still is such a shock that he is gone.  We first met the Mildenhalls in 1993, when we moved to Shallowford Ward.  We were there for three years and during that time became good friends.  Tom was scout master and he and Bill did several activities together, including the trip with the boys to Cumberland Island.  That is a trip Bill still talks about with some frequency.  By the time we moved, Tom was serving as bishop. 

The upside of a viewing is getting to see so many people we know from those years.  The line to go through to greet the family was about an hour long, so we had a lot of visiting time while we were in line.  We saw so many that we knew, even though we left that ward in 1996.  Tomorrow we will go to the funeral.

Earlier in the day, I got three loads of laundry done, stopped by the library, got a haircut, and picked up a few things at the grocery.  I did manage to get a short rest in the late afternoon, as I was pretty tired.  Again, I chose to watch another episode or two of Monarch of the Glen.  I do like those British shows - this one actually set in Scotland.

It was a busy day and it is a long drive over to Marietta and back.  But, we were really glad that we made the effort to go.  There are always a few people that touch your life in such a way that they will always hold an extra special spot.  This is certainly true of Tom and Caroline Mildenhall. 

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