Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oct 9th - A Little More on the Agenda Today

I started off my day with the usual stuff that always has to be done around the house and the things I always do on the computer.  I had finally gotten into doing some family history things when I realized that my day was going to get away from me again if I didn't get a move on!

So.....  I managed to get out and get a couple of errands done - a trip to the dollar store and a trip to Target.  I had a specific list for Target and was able to pick up some good bargains and got back $10 in gift cards to boot.  That all took a while.

And then it was back to the family history.  I am beginning to feel pretty comfortable with what I am doing on FamilySearch, so I guess it is time to go back to the training manual and move on to the next sections.  Maybe tomorrow.

This evening I had the assignment to work in the family history center.  As expected, no one came, so I just did some indexing for two hours.  I had brought my RootsMagic-to-Go and I did plug that in to see if it worked right and it did.  I wasn't in the mood for working with it anymore, though.

When I got home, Bill was at the church for bishopric meeting, so I relaxed a bit, had a snack, and then went to bed with my book.  It doesn't sound like much of a day, but I got a lot done and I enjoyed myself.

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