Monday, October 14, 2013

Oct 13th - Happy Birthday, Willie!

Today was my brother's birthday - not that he and I communicate much, but I did send a FB message to his wife. 

I woke up with a terrific headache and sore throat and by the time it was time to get ready to go to conference, I decided to head back to bed.  Bill went without me and I rested.  I actually fell asleep and awoke when he got home. 

Fortunately, I had put the crock pot dinner together yesterday and was able to plug it in and put a mix in the bread machine and set it on timer.  Easy, peasy cooking!  Lisa called when they got home from conference (their stake had theirs, too) and said that Brooks was not doing so well, so they were going to try to get him to nap before they came over.  I just turned the crockpot down.

Later, she called again and said that David and Ashby were coming, but she and Brooks would just stay home.  So, we had a nice dinner though our numbers were smaller that normal.  The dinner was pork loin, two different kinds of potatoes, carrots, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and at the very end when I put the temp on warm, I put some ears of corn on top.  Turned out very good!  I cut up a cantelope, had the homemade bread, and made some gravy. 

Then we just hung around.  Ashby enjoyed playing with the cars all by herself for a long time and then got everyone else to play with her at some point.  It was all very relaxing and fun.  We missed Brooks, but it was a lot more quiet and certainly less clean-up!  David also helped Bill get his mobile banking app downloaded and hopefully working.  They ended up being here until after 9:00.  There is no school tomorrow, so she didn't need to get to bed.

It was a fun day, but unfortunately the sore throat is still here.  Here's hoping it will be gone tomorrow!

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