Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 21st - Happy Birthday, Jason!

After dropping Ashby off at school, Lisa and Brooks came by to pick me up.  It was Jason's birthday and we wanted to do something special.  We went by Hobby Lobby and bought some new flowers and took them to the cemetery.  It was nice to have Lisa help pick them out and to help get them arranged. 

From there, we went to lunch at Duluth Diner.  We spent a nice leisurely time there.  Brooks was so good.  He was watching home videos on her Iphone and was thoroughly entertained.  He also ate a mountain of spaghetti! 

By the time we finished lunch, it was time to pick Ashby up from school.  She was surprised and very excited to see me in the car.  She said that was the best thing today.  We then headed back to the house and they were able to stay and play for a little while, before having to head home for Lisa's piano lessons.

It was a very good way to spend Jason's birthday.  We remembered him and I was able to enjoy the grandchildren. 

The rest of the day was much more quiet!  I never did get all my usual Monday routine done, but there is always another day for those kinds of things.

I am grateful for being a mother - the best thing I have ever done.  I enjoyed having my daughter help me celebrate Jason.  I enjoyed my other son texting about what day it was.  I enjoyed laughing and hugging my grandchildren.  I am very blessed!

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