Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oct 8th - Another Family History Day

I have come to the conclusion that I must be a little bit OCD.  Once I get into something, I can't seem to do anything else.  So after water aerobics today, and a few minimum routine things around the house, I was into family history.  And that pretty much took the rest of my day!

I was working in FamilySearch trying to get proficient at some of the things that I studied in the manual, particularly adding sources to individuals.  I understood it in my head, but sometimes it gets a little confusing when put into practice.  Since I am supposed to be the ward expert, I am trying to get to where I feel like it.  I did do some good things today, like unlinking some children that did not belong in my grandfather's family, finding an obscure census record for someone else, and using the source box better.  Eventually, I might actually be able to teach other people!

I thought I would take a nap this afternoon, so I read a bit, tried to sleep, and got up about five minutes later.  That is strange for me - I usually love the nap, but it didn't work today.  I am afraid it was a sign of my OCD again - I wanted to get back to the family history.

Well, at least I enjoyed my day!

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