Sunday, October 13, 2013

Oct 12th - Birthday Party for a Friend

We had a usual Saturday morning, which included a bunch of laundry, etc.  Then about 11, we picked up a friend who needed the ride and headed over to the church for a surprise birthday party for another friend who turned 80 today.  Her kids told her the bishop wanted to see her, so they brought her over, only to find a big crowd of people there for her birthday party.  It was well done and very fun.  I especially enjoyed seeing people that came from the temple.  Many I had not seen in quite a while.  It was a very nice party.

When we got back home, we were just beginning to relax when two of the sister missionaries stopped by.  They had been out on their bikes and needed a bite of something - we found some food bars in the pantry - and to rest a few minutes.  We had a nice chat with them.  Then Bill had to go for his priesthood leadership meetings, since it is stake conference weekend.

Later they called back saying they had just gotten a text saying they should also attend the adult session of conference this evening.  Missionaries have never attended that session before.  They needed a ride, so I picked them up, after I picked up Lauren.  So we had a lot of talking all the way to Lilburn!  The session was pretty good - all about missionary work.  The church has so many missionaries and they are putting a big push on getting members involved more.  The talks were good, and I did enjoy it, but I am just about "missionaried" out.  I hope that doesn't sound negative.  I just need to hear other things that will help me personally in my own life.  How else can I also be a missionary?

Anyway, it was a good way to spend the evening. 

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