Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oct 19th - Memorial Service

There was a lot on the agenda today, but most important was the memorial service for Tom.  It was a late afternoon service, meaning we left home around 2:30 or so.  There was a big turnout, as expected, and the service was very nice.  Each of the children spoke about their dad, sharing both funny stories and very emotional ones.  The bishop made a few remarks and the stake president was the final speaker.  We were very impressed with him. 

We moved into the ward 20 years ago and were there for three years.  We saw a lot of people that we had known and enjoyed catching up.  It is too bad that we never make it over there except for funerals. 

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at the Red Lobster in Roswell.  That was always the go-to place when the kids were young.  They always chose it for any special occasion.

Earlier in the day, Bill had to attend a stake scout training called Little Philmont and give a presentation.  He was the presenter by default since the bishop had a wedding to perform.  Attendance was slight and he thought it was not really worth the time.  Nonetheless, he was there and the presentations went well.

Meanwhile at home, I was finishing the laundry, dusting, straightening, ironing (Yes!) and all the other odds and ends of a Saturday morning. 

We have made it through this difficult day.  It is very difficult to accept that Tom is gone.  He was so young (only 61), active, and apparently healthy.  He had had a physical within the last month.  He and Caroline had prepared mission papers and they were just a send button away from going to Salt Lake.  It appears that his mission is different than expected. 

I have been reminded of Jason a lot the last two days.  These were the people who really knew him during his last years of high school.  These guys were his best friends, including one of Tom's sons.  I have just been reminded again that there are only some things about life that are in our control.  We can choose to be obedient and strive to live like Christ.  Everything else is up to the Lord.

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